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Michael G Brown Photography
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Michael G Brown Photography and some of its elements have been bought by Your Story Photography (Cornwall) but all this means is less work for us, more free time and new logo. All contracts remain valid between Michael G Brown Photography and clients and you can still hire the same photographer plus Cory, owner of Your Story Photography.

I would like to thank everyone a head of time for their :+fav:s... as time has become a precious commodity . Thank you very much.

I am looking for more models in Ontario and Quebec Canada to embark on new and fun art projects. I am located in Alexandria, close to Cornwall, Ottawa, Dorion, Valleyfield, Hawkesbury, etc...

We do everything and all clients are welcome.


I am currently the author of three published novels in an ongoing series in the fantasy genre. Published so far are:
The Avatar and the God: The Summoning
The Avatar and the God: The Tormented and the Prisoner
The Avatar and the God: Division
So far, I haven't received one bad review besides the fact that I end each novel on a cliffhanger. I have about 20 more to write, but oh, to find the time!

I also enjoy drawing in almost any style, but prefer a pen or pencil to a computer program. Though I must say, a paint program does yield spectacular result for those who are dedicated to it and have developed a great talent. I can only hope for such skills as I practice more and more.

If you have a chance, please, pick up one of my novels and let me know what you think. I like to claim that I write with a mixture of Raymond E. Feist's talent for creating a beautiful world of fantasy and with Stephen King's twists and remarkable storytelling abilities that keep my readers interested and turning page after page.

Thank you,
Michael G Brown

Model Mayhem Account
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Current Residence: Alexandria, Ontario
Operating System: Linux Slackware
Now I too am an advocate against porn on art sites, but porn is defined as a video or photo with its soul purpose to arouse sexual desire.  Art in the form of artistic nude, lingerie, glamour, etc, is intended as photography in which we are meant to focus on either the beauty of the subject, the materials used such as the clothing, or the creativity of all those involved in the production of such said works of art.
Next, Deviant Art is a site devoted to artin which I have just previously described and has policies against pornography in order to keep it clean and for the most part, I think they do a great job.  I do believe that up close and personal shots of a vagina/anus is most likely in 99% cases not from an artistic point of view but that is simply my opinion.
Thirdly, there are just way too many profiles on here that have nothing to do with art, rather, they are devoted to a myspace/facebook use where people with intellectual capacities less than that of a teacup post personal photos and horrible selfies with no concept of artistic appeal.

Take our linked photo below as example
Nici by Enigma-Fotos
Here we have a fine glamour/lingerie photo, shot by an obvious professional photographer who has captured a beautiful woman modeling lingerie in an artistic fashion.  The image is high quality, sharp and clear.  The lighting was well thought out and post production was obviously well done.  There are no vaginas, nipples, penises, or anuses displayed.  It has not been effective in inspiring feelings of sexual arousal on my part.  And there seems to be no hint of sexual intercourse, sodomy, or oral sex within.  I have looked at it a few times and nope, no sexual acts.  The model is simply posing well and holding her clothing without even the hint that she is about to disrobe.  No porn here....  just beautiful high quality art.  Bravo to the photographer and model and anyone else involved in making this photo.

Now, to the point of this journal entry.  Reading the comments on this photo, I noticed a woman (at least she claims to be one) insulting this work and the brilliant photographer in such a rude manner.  So I thought, maybe this woman is an artist who dabbles in photography of the driest of levels....  perhaps professional or amateur landscape photographer.  I assumed as much since she is obviously part of this art community named Deviant Art....  Deviant ***ART***  So I look at her gallery and what did I find?  Horrible pictures of not even an amateur artist's level.  There are horrible selfies.  Really bad personal photos of a cat and kids and bad selfies.  It was a facebook photo album at best taken from a cellphone camera at best with not a hint of artistic appeal.

So I ask, how does someone with absolutely no artistic contributions, join an art site and community to simply belittle actual artists while possessing not even the slightest inkling as to what art is or what manners are?  How?

Get off DA and go back to FB please.

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